70 performance bulls on offer at Kelly Angus 2nd autumn sale

Holding the Angus stud’s second annual sale, on Thursday 25th March, the Kelly Angus team are offering 70, 18-20 month-old bulls whose strong pedigree data and matching performance will add value to astute beef producers looking for that little extra to enhance their respective herds.

Based in the Murrindindi Valley, the Kelly Angus stud has experienced an exceptional year in pasture growth. Stud Manager, Patrick Joyce said “It is great to see livestock making a profit, and buoyant cattle market sales having a positive flow-on effect to the broader economy and local communities”.

All 70 young bulls in the sale line-up are progeny from leading industry sire lines including the standout USA sire, Black Onyx 5Q11, GAR Inertia, Texas K2, GAR Pro Active, PA Full Power and Hazeldean Jackpot M584.

Mr Joyce said, “The 70 bulls we are offering are a true representation of the breeding program we are running here with carcase quality throughout the catalogue. Over half of the bulls are suitable for heifer joining’s yet retain the performance to be used over an entire herd. We are extremely happy with how they have lined up”.

“The bulls we are breeding with are clearly complementing our stud herd, and at the same time supporting our breeding objectives in respect to turning off moderate frame, highly resilient, fertile and easy doing cattle”.

Hazeldean Jackpot was purchased to blend through the herd to develop even stronger females and stylish, high performance moderate framed bulls that are easy doing, feed efficient and whose weight gains are well in front.

A carcase driven bull, PA Full Power presents with high IMF and his progeny show good early growth data while keeping all other EBVs in proportion. Suitable for both heifers and cows, the Black Onyx sons present very well with great data sets and will deliver power early in any breeders’ program.

The Texas K2 sons are powerful larger framed bulls which can be used to increase frame size and to add volume.
“Expanding the stud’s capacity, introducing modern practices, and continuing to focus on genomic enhanced EBV’s in order to achieve predictable breeding outcomes ensures all bulls offered on Sale Day meet the high standards we have set for ourselves”, said Mr Joyce.

Adding more power to future bull sales will be the progeny of powerhouse sire, Texas Powerplay DXTP613. This outstanding sire will be on display at the March 25th auction along with the stud’s very own upcoming star sire, Kelly Angus Quinn GXNQ209, sired by Black Onyx 5Q11.

Kelly Angus Quinn GXNQ209, is a “curve bender” with exceptional calving ease, low birth weight transforming to an excellent growth spread offering quality carcase traits to match added said Mr Joyce.

Kelly Angus are commercially focused on breeding livestock that consistently performs well off grass, ensuring a positive on-flow for their clients to maximise their returns, by lowering costs. At the same time, the stud’s focus on carcase quality achieves the end goal of producing high marbling prime grass-fed carcases.

Mr Joyce said, “We continue to receive positive feedback from many of our clients who state that Kelly Angus bulls’ have amazing docility and adjust and adapt to a variety of conditions”.

“Looking forward to welcoming all new and existing clients on Sale Day”.

The annual autumn auction is on-farm at 171 Nash’s Road Yea at 1pm, with viewing in the morning from 10am. Auction conducted by Nutrien Livestock and interfaced with AuctionsPlus.