Meet the Team


Stud Principal

A heartfelt philanthropist & Angus beef producer. Vicki’s fascination of the industry & interest in Angus livestock began in the 1990’s when Vicki part owned a farming enterprise in NSW.

During her time on this property, Vicki gained valuable knowledge on producing quality livestock. She was instrumental in streamlining & mechanising processes & efficiencies as part of that venture’s operations. Today Vicki is an active participant in the Kelly Angus Stud operations & can often be found in the Kelly Angus cattle yards & sheds giving the team a helping hand.


Kelly Angus Livestock Manager

Patrick Joyce is a fourth-generation farmer from the Glenburn area. He working on his family farm from his childhood, a mixed dairy & cross-bred cattle/vealer operation. At a very young age Patrick developed a passion for the cattle industry. He moved away the family farm to work on large scale sheep & cattle operations and quickly realised that cattle was where his interests lay.

He stays up to date with technology & innovation in the farm sector & regularly participates in a variety of courses including Business Management, Grazing for Profit and other animal health and reproduction/genetic courses.

“I always pushed to be the best at whatever I was faced with. I soon identified that I was fascinated with genetics & what it had to offer today’s farmers. I was fortunate to be trusted & given the opportunity to work for a large-scale Angus operation running the ET & AI programs. This experience confirmed to me that this is where I was best suited. An opportunity came up to run Kelly Angus & this is where I hit the ground running. I have a passion to breed deep bodied well balanced animals that do well. I think consistency is key in any seed stock operation & this is what we are achieving at Kelly Angus”


Cindy grew up on the North West Coast of Tasmania & from a young age had a passion for breeding cattle. She had her own Murray Grey Stud from the age of nine which was very successful winning many champion prizes across the State. She also enjoyed entering carcase competitions with home bred cattle & succeeded in winning one of the states prized Led Hoof & Hook competitions.

Studying Business Management & Agriculture led Cindy to work at Alta Genetics managing the Idexx Laboratory & the AR office in Tasmania.

Since moving to Victoria in 2014, Cindy has worked on a large stud & commercial cattle operations managing the office & show & sale teams. She has been heavily involved with numerous youth camps & teaching school groups.