Breeding Philosophy

Kelly Angus bulls and cows are run in large contemporary groups as this aids accurate data collection.

This data is then fed back into the Angus Australia database. Kelly Angus breeds high performance, early maturing, fertile and structurally correct livestock using the latest technology to capture accurate data across our complete drop of calves. All calves are weighed, tagged and their DNA collected at birth.

All calves are parent verified and are tested pesti virus free. All weaner livestock is independently muscle scanned for eye muscle area, intra muscular fat and fat cover for rib and rump. All stock is structurally assessed and temperament scored. We have a no tolerance policy for livestock with bad temperaments.

Cows are joined using two rounds of fixed time AI.

We also back up with our own Kelly Angus bred bulls to benchmark ourselves and to verify quality assurance. All calves are early weaned at the age of 4 to 5 months. By adopting an early weaning approach, we have found this useful in generating early puberty in male and female yearlings, rendering the livestock more resilient throughout their breeding life.

To improve the genetics of our herd, top Angus sires from overseas and Australia that fit our breeding criteria are used extensively through artificial insemination.

The Kelly Angus females have been carefully selected for their fertility, milk, structural soundness and type. FERTILITY is of utmost importance in the Kelly Angus herd as this will have a positive flow-on affect. Kelly Angus is a commercial operation. All cows and bulls must prove themselves under the strictest of operating conditions.

Our focus on early calving encourages large 400-day weight gain, optimising the commercial benefits for our customers.